Alien Life

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I have a few questions to any and all alien races in the cosmos and a statement to human kind.  This is the science-fiction writer in me who has always wanted to believe that alien life exists in the universe. We cannot be the only intelligent life in the universe. We just fucking can’t, the universe is too damn big.

This all comes after watching the Russian interviewer Sophie Shevardnadze talk with former Canadian Defense Minister Paul Hellyer. It is a fantastic interview lasting a little over twenty minutes where he confirms the existence of extra terrestrial life forms visiting out planet. This is significant for a few reasons but mostly because it’s coming from such a high and respectable source.

Thats the link. I recommend you watch it if you’re interested in such things. After watching it I am completely hooked in wanting to know more. While Sophie did ask some descent questions, and Mr. Hellyer gave some good answers, it was entirely too vague.

This is where my questions come in. He mentioned there are many different alien species that are currently visiting or have visited our world. Naming the ‘Nordic Blondes’ and the ‘Tall Whites’ as just two examples. Those absolutely and unequivocally can NOT be what the aliens official names are. It sounds as if you’re just describing what they look like. They have to have an official designation or name that they call themselves in their native language. I am classified as a Human from planet Earth in the Sol System. That classification fits every man woman and child born on planet Earth. That is what we call ourselves, that is how we would introduce ourselves if shaking the hand of an alien upon first contact. I want hear what that greeting is from a Nordic Blonde. Or a Tall White. Or a Short Grey. Or any of the other species that are visiting our planet. Name and planet of origin in your own tongue please. If we are to join the interstellar ranks we need to start calling these people by their real names.

Interstellar ranks brings me to my next question. Mr. Hellyer mentions that there is an actual interstellar ‘Federation’ of sorts that consists of groups of all of the major alien species. This must mean that this group of aliens – at least the friendly ones / we hope – have a massive council and are able to peacefully coexist with each other.

If multiple alien species are able to do that – we as human beings really need to get over our petty differences and stop killing each other over stupid things and religion. How else are we ever to hope to be invited to join the ranks of the Federation and take our seat as peaceful representatives of humanity?

Which ties me in to another point he made. Apparently our weapons of mass destruction scare these species. Because if we aren’t good at anything else we really are good at killing each other. Which is so incredibly stupid. Our knack for mass destitution and murder scare these aliens. They are afraid we will spread destruction across the universe. Which, to be fair, is a completely valid point. Stop killing each other guys. Seriously. Mr. Hellyer mentioned that aliens would be happy to share agricultural technologies with us. Medical technologies. (I don’t know about you but I’d love for my smartphone to have a week of battery life and you know DAMN WELL they have the technology for that.) But all we would end up doing is probably finding more creative ways to kill ourselves.

To any aliens that happen to read this: not all of us are complete morons and want to kill each other. Some of us genuinely want to learn about how things are done beyond the borders of our planet. I, myself, am one of them. Please don’t punish all of humanity for the sins of some.

Mr. Hellyer also mentioned that there are some aliens that are willing to work with us. Apparently the sight of some aliens are completely shocking and take time to get used to. I am willing to put in the time. If there is some sort of cultural exchange program please sign me up. I would love to learn all I could about anything that you could teach me.

Speaking of teaching, he also mentioned that some aliens are living right here in our solar system. Some on Mars, some on one of the moons of Saturn. Apparently someone was transported to a moon of Saturn. That is one long-range transporter system that I would like to meet. Seriously. For lack of the actual term, beam me up. (I hate myself for using that phrase.)

The thing that kept coming up is free choice. We have to willing to accept help. Accept them in to our lives. While I agree that not all of human kind is ready to accept help from Extra Terrestrials, I certainly am. I have watched Star Trek my entire life and have always grown with the idea that we are not alone. I, right now, am publicly asking any friendly alien race to please make contact with me. Show me your worlds. Let me travel the stars, see the Federation, learn from you and your planets history. Help me better understand how to be a better person and help move my species along.

To my fellow human beings: stop blowing other human beings up and killing them because you disagree with them. Its just rude. Maybe Mr. Hellyer is just making it all up. But maybe… just maybe… he’s not.

If you have any alien experiences / stories / resources / or contacts, please fill me in.




Surface Problems

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I really do like the Microsoft Surface.

Xbox music hub? OMG yes please. Access to pretty much any music in an awesome interface is just heaven on earth. What’s NOT heaven on earth? When I go to googles app to search for something and the music literally cuts out for several seconds on end while the tablet processes the google request. Seriously? My iPad wouldn’t even break a sweat over that. There is nothing more annoying than constantly lagging music.

I say nothing, but as I type this the surface is a few seconds behind on the text showing up on screen as its being typed. That’s annoying too.


This thing runs smooth 60% of the time but manages to royally muck up the other 40% and the worst part is its not really consistent. It makes me wish they would hurry up and issue updates to maybe iron out the problems. Personally speaking, I think Windows on a lowerpowered chipset is a bad idea. I’d be almost willing to bet that the Surface Pro (running on Intel Core i5 instead of NVIDIA Tegra) will breeze through the more basic tasks that the RT model falls on its face over.


Here is hoping…

*fingers crossed*

Homelessness & Humanity

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So for the first time in my life I gave a homeless guy money today.

I dont know what it why – but he seemed so nice. I smiled, he smiled, and I waved at his doggie. I’d passed him before he said something… like he was reluctant to ask. It stirred an odd emotion in me. Given the fact that I’d just eaten and my belly was full, and this guy who was probably hungry (his dog too im sure) didn’t have enough money to feed himself. It also should be mentioned that he was around my age. I hate to see anyone without a home begging for money, but someone my age is even rougher.

I stopped and pulled my wallet out. I had about 7 dollars in singles and I gave it all to him. I wished him a good night, and he replied ‘I will now!’

I wished I had more money in my wallet to give him at that very moment. I felt bad for this guy. It got me thinking about the problems I face and how they pale in comparison to walking the streets begging for money. I have a safe bed to crawl in tonight, does he? If I need more money, a quick visit to the ATM is all it takes.

I dont have problems compared to this guy. A young man with the entirety of his possessions in a backpack. If I see him again, Im going to stop and talk to him and ask about his situation. I honestly want to know. And I’m from now on going to keep an extra $20 in my pocket for him.

We are all human, let us not forget that.

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Sunday morning! At the parents house about to go to church. It feels interesting being back here, almost child like in a way. I guess that’s what happens when you’re not home very much any more. Mom made pancakes this morning for breakfast, they were super yummy as they always are. I think we are headed to Meema’s house after church. It’ll be good to see her again.

By the way, my parents totally bought a badass elliptical.

So much jealousy haha.

Okie doodle, off to Gods house. Peace and Easter bunnies!

Fiddle Faddle fo fe fum.

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Ask me what a fiddle faddle is… I dare you!
Well I got my transformer prime keyboard dock in… and its an interesting experience that’s for sure. This thing cant quite make up its mind what it wants to be with this thing in. It essentially gives me a netbook with a touchscreen. Its not a bad thing, the keyboard is super tiney though so It’s going to take a bit of getting used to. I’m writing this in the wordpress app, and it feels a tad cramped. Like its obvious this thing wasn’t designed for a tablet:


(It’s cool that I can take a screenshot.)
I’ll be interested to see how this thing formats everything once its uploaded. Damn this keyboard is small. I’m having several typos because I’m used to typing on a larger panel. One thing I don’t like is the fact that it doesn’t  autocorrects automatically. For example if I type doesn’t it wont put the apostrophe in there for me. I have to tap the screen and then the correct autocorrect guess.

But at the very least, its an interesting addition to my tech arsenal. I think it’ll be a great writing tool once I can get used to this smallass keyboard and the rough edges of the text creating apps.

Horray for a portable writing solution!
Now if only I could write again 😉

I know its been…

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I know its been a while since I’ve uploaded a blog… been kinda sucky at life lately… but man I really dont like this new wordpress editor. The online one. Not a fan. 

So writing is kicking my ass as of late. I’m having a hard time stamping down good words. I know there are a lot of distractions in my life, but I feel like that has little to do with it. Seems like maybe I’m letting the distractions take over in an effort to help me forget about how much I suck lately. 

Yeah thats not good. 

I sat down earlier and worked for a little while (twenty minutes) and all I got was a half a paragraph that I promptly deleted… how’s that for productivity. Oh well… nobody ever said writing a novel was easy. I need to get out of the house, lol.

On a side note, anyone know any secret agents I can interview?


It seems like I write about divine intervention a lot.

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Glenn Beck says to stockpile food in case of an emergency. Says the hurricane is a blessing from God as a warning. Came in the form of an earthquake last week now its a hurricane. Because God deems it necessary to warn us to stockpile food.

Us americans deserve a warning! Stock up! Stock up! Okay. I’ll stock up on food while people all over the world are starving and dying from malnutrition. Maybe a little starving would be good for our souls – Glenn.

Stop looking for divine signals in everything. Sending a hurricane that kills people is no kind of blessing. Its called nature, shit happens.